First, passion

Wild nature has always fascinated me. We are a piece of it, and yet it is so inaccessible. My curiosity was so strong that it turned into passion. A passion that allowed me to observe it freely. To fully notice its beauty, it is not enough just to look.

You have to…listen, touch, feel.

If you put it all together, blend into it, you will be able to fully experience this spectacle.

About me

My name is Łukasz Sokół and I am a nature photographer from Olsztyn. A very strong commitment to nature, special preparation and the knowledge I gained had a significant impact on the quality of my photos.

My contact with nature actually started a very long time ago. These were the times when I didn't have a camera yet, but I spent a lot of time outdoors and in the countryside.

My first camera was Canon 400D and it was used to start my adventure with photography. Initially, these were plants and insects. I took photos with old Helios or Pentacon lenses. Only after a few years did I become the owner of a Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens. At that time I was practicing landscape photography. My interest in wild nature grew to such an extent that I wondered how I could get closer to it without interfering with it too much, so that what is wild remains wild.

The first Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 telephoto lens came to the rescue here. As it turned out, equipment is not everything and to take a good nature photo you need to be committed. It involved building a lookout, reaching inaccessible places, getting up at night to get to the place where I would take photos unnoticed.

All this absorbed me completely! The patience and perseverance needed in nature photography also taught me how to reconcile family responsibilities with this beautiful passion!

Prizes and awards

  • Bird Photographer of the Year (Collection 7) - Honorable Mention
  • 2023 - Finalist (5 photos)
  • WildArt Photographer of the Year (Collection 1) - Honorable Mention
  • WildArt Photographer of the Year (Collection 2) - Honorable Mention
  • Pearls of Polish Nature (Grand Prix 2023)
  • Pearls of Polish Nature (1st place in the "mammals" category)
  • Pearls of Polish Nature (distinction in the "birds" category)
  • The "Art of nature" 16th international festival of visual arts inspired by nature 2023 (2nd place, 3rd place and distinction at the same time)
  • FotoKurier 6/2017 (Photo "The best of the best" and 2nd place in "Photo of the month")
  • Interview at