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Łukasz Sokół Wildlife Photography



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Basic information
  • Printed on high-quality Solution Fine Art Ceramic Fiber 300g photographic paper
  • All prints are made to order and packed very carefully
  • Unprinted area of ​​5 cm on each side (e.g. for the 100x70 cm format, the print is 90x60 cm)
  • The frame is not included in the order

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    • A proven contractor

      The prints are made by a contractor proven over the years, who knows my photos perfectly and treats each one very individually

    • Safe transportation

      Your print will be very well packed and sent in a special tube. There is no risk of damage during transport.

    • Authenticity

      The characters in my shots are 100% wild nature! I don't take photos in the zoo or tame animals. Each photo is a separate adventure and a story related to it

    Frequently asked question

    What is the unprintable area on paper for?

    A white, unprinted frame in the photo is used to protect the print. Paper always absorbs moisture along the edge. If the edge of the photo accidentally gets wet or physically damaged (impacts), it is always possible to cut it, and the print itself remains intact.

    What paper are photos printed on?

    It is Solution Fine Art Ceramic Fiber (300 gsm). Glossy paper with a characteristic texture, light white, 100% made of α-cellulose. It is highly waterproof and has the highest quality in terms of density, color gradation and image sharpness.

    Paper guarantees archival standards. Used for photo and art reproductions, digital art, black and white and color photography, printing for exhibition purposes.

    How long does it take to complete an order?

    Prints are made to order. Order processing time is 1-5 business days plus delivery time. I always make every effort to shorten this time to a minimum.

    Why doesn't my order include a frame?

    Everyone prefers different decor in their home and I cannot guarantee the right choice of picture frames. Another reason is the problematic transport of glass.

    Is it possible to order a digital file?

    Unfortunately not. I only print in a proven photo studio to maintain the highest quality.

    However, if you need a print in the form of a photo wallpaper or a non-standard size, please contact me and we will definitely find a solution.

    Is it possible to ship abroad?

    Of course! Shipping costs are then determined individually. International shipments are made via the DPD courier company.

    Please note that taxes, duties and customs fees may be charged upon delivery for orders from outside the European Union.

    Sample printout and paper structure

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    Specially selected photos from thematic collections create a coherent whole, both in terms of colors and nature.

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